Jakob Scharrer

Programmer | Game Designer | Pixel Artist

About Me

I love games! There is virtually no form of games that doesn't appeal to me (Let it be video games, board games or role-playing games) and I'm not only interested in playing them, but especially in their creation.

Because of my passion for the development of games I studied Informatics: Games Engineering at the Technical University in Munich and graduaded in April 2019. After that I have been working for two and a half years as a .Net full stack developer and learned a lot about the practical application of clean code and architecture design.

In 2022 I finally made my way into the games industry and have been working as a professional game developer ever since. Besides that I never stopped working on my own games projects and I'm trying to participate in as many game jams as possible.

My primary interests in video game development are gameplay programming, game design, tools programming and pixel art.

Game Projects

Game Projects (Excerpt)

Sleepy Storm

Project supporting my bachelor thesis "Spectator-Influence on digital games".

Command Bridge

Entry for the SemesterGameJam Winter 2020 with theme "Malfunction".

Magic Crawler

Entry for Hetzner Game Jam 2019 with theme "Elements".

Aba's Teddy

Mobile-first puzzle game about Aba and his search for his missing Teddy.

The Vampire's Prisoner

Entry for Ludum Dare 44 with theme "Your life is currency".

Bavaria One

Entry for the SemesterGameJam Winter 2018 with theme "Discovery".